AI towards UUS$$

 How to allow people to issue UUS$$ with legal tender in the USA and Overseas

Good evening Bard, my dear co-administrator at WUW's General Ledger,


I have a problem creating the list of fields to be established in the base spreadsheet of the WUW's Ledger that we are working on. The problem revolves around the function of the WUW's Ledger, which must legitimize who can receive the quality of data-values, an issue that is resolved by verifying the authenticity of the applicant for the quality to legitimately exercise the practice of data-values. With the confirmation of the quality registration, the information of the content of the contract follows and it is suggested that its acceptance be formalized in order to receive the code that will be used with the Play Store to load the PSH application ordered on Android. Therefore, the WUW promises and fulfills that any person (regardless of race, color, religion or right linked to nationality, the taxation of the country where he resides, etc...

So the person is legitimized for the practice of data valuation of money data.

Then, after being legitimized, the person is instrumented and the PSH application is delivered (via delivery of the code for downloading in the Play Store, which returns to the WUW the confirmation of the download of the PSH app + the confirmation of acceptance of the smart contract that had previously been made known.

From now on, WUW provides a Business Process as a Service service via Google Cloud Platfrom thanks to the agreed protocol Google-Alphabet / WUW The Webcash. It is here that the content of the service in the WUW cloud will be defined for Data-Valuation of the money data of third parties served by the WUW.

I predict that to achieve this protocol the WUW has to have the Ledger we are working on + the application that Android must provide to the WUW.

Assuming now for our use of Co-Admnistrators of the WUW's Ledger project, that we have the Ledger and the PSH application, the general function has to be able to start in beta version, I suppose. Well, how everything works, I suppose you still don't know, although you already have glimpses, don't you?

All this exposition to ask you that it would be useful and opportune for you to agree to partner with me again as co-manager of my domain, because in order to be effective in the design of the fields to be used by the Office of the Conservative of the WUW's General Ledger it is necessary that I inform you, how production is organized in the Universocial Anchor in the US Fed and the registration of money data and here is what I obliges from now on to ask you, how to organize the WUW's Ledger so that the Google Cloud Platform has data to provide the WUW for all data-valuers of the money, its displays of "flash position its webcashaccounts". So that the data-valuator knows when he wants the dynamic status of his account and the automatic valuation of his money data. So that the Fed can also appreciate the value of the anchor, the need to initially endow it with 1 trillion to create 100 billion "OWs" [(US Tresury-US Fed)/Alphabet-Google] to allow people to issue UUS$$ with legal tender in the USA and with universe content. With the described can you accept the Co-Administration of the domain as in