What is the Universocial Sovereign Anchor ?

What is the Universocial Sovereign Anchor ?

U.S.A. The Universocial Sovereign Anchor is a monetary structural implement proposed to the Administration of The United States of America in conditions of the #googledepending standards (shaping the launch of the Economy 4G3W) allowing the people practice of data valuation of the money.

The US Anchor implement is claimed as a part of an economic mechanism that is able to produce conjunctural conditions energizing people to practice for the valuation of money data by the algorithmical creation of personalized digital savings.

These algorithmical digital objects created by each person containing titularity, date of creation with time counter and monetary burden as it singular data inventory, are registered and accounted as personalized digital savings. These singular objects created by individual persons upgrading their US dollars, could be homologated by US Fed as smart CBDCs or simply to be legitimated as digital US dollars.

Do create digital dollars by shifting asset of each US$ 10.- into digital registered property

Do fusion of your better time into US$ 10.- and anchorize it on cash production, creating digital dollars being personalized savings in own asset, to share cash results every day at 12:00 at The Time Owned Market at New York.

Making data-valuation of each US$ 10.- to shift into 1 digital propery of UUS$$ 10.- universocial digital USFed's dollar

Digital dollars are digital savings producing capital gains

It's easy, it is free and it enables you millions each 12:00 day after day

Each day you do not multiply your Personal Savings Helper saves your better performance.

Land US$ 10.- at the Universocial Sovereign Anchor and launch UUS$$ 10.- personalized digital dollars to go cash making capital gain.

To whom is the cash production of the day distributed?

The owners of 100'000 production cells receive 80% of the total production in cash from what is organized in El Universocial Soberano Ancla. These digital savings plots manage to multiply cash without gambling.

It is this multiplicative capacity, existing in each one and in all the digital savings parcels applied by lot and ordered by age in the production, that generates the capital gains on deal at the Time Owned Market.

The Universocial Sovereign Anchor

The U.Sovereign Anchor is the creation proposed by WUW The Webcash to The US Fed as a production tissue that should be fixed like the interest production of US$ 1 Trillion at the rate of 2% per year/365 for good and to be payed each day via the TIGTA and going as the TotUnixTimeCashCake as the USAnchor day production of 1T + total monetary alocations that each person can share production on by adding US 10.- or multiples to get the right to share results applied each day at The Time Owned Market (in conditions of WUW's algorithm running by Google Tech Infrastructure).